Coming Soon to Evernight Publishing



That’s right my darlings. Chevon’s Mate, the fifth book in Space Wars is coming everywhere on June 1st! I’m thrilled that this book will be out soon.

So to give you a taste of what is to come I give you the complete first chapter…


Chapter One

Laura Troxell looked up from the document she had been translating and frowned, then drummed her fingers on the desk. “Why in the world…” she murmured. She had a feeling that the documents before her shouldn’t have hit her desk. Closing them up into the file folder, she stacked a couple more reports on them and rose to her feet. With the files clutched tightly to her bosom she walked toward her brother’s office. He was one of the highest ranking members of the Craegin Command Structure. Laurence had taken over their parents’ place within Craegin society faster than anyone should have. There had been no mourning time. Instead there was only him stepping into the role of adviser to the rulers of their world.

She stopped, her back to the wall, and thought for a moment. Maybe Laurence wasn’t the best person to take the files to. Perhaps she should instead take them to Mikel, her fiancé. He would know what to do with them. He always knew what to do. She then nodded, a smile on her face and a plan in her mind, and headed off to the right, toward her fiancé’s office at the end of the hall.

She paused at the door and made sure that her skirt was straight, her shirt was tucked in and, well, that she looked good enough for him. He was far older than she was but he had selected her to be his wife, her out of all the women on Craegin, and that had helped to pull her out of her darkness after her parents had perished. The fact that he and Laurence were the best of friends was only a side note.

She knocked on the door and walked right in. Laura knew he didn’t have any meetings scheduled because if he did it would have been on her calendar for him. She stopped dead in her tracks. The files slipped through her hands and fell from her arms.

“Mikel?” she whispered in complete shock. “Laurence?” There, right there on the desk of the man she was to marry, was her brother—naked, a noose around his neck—being rutted roughly by the man who had told her expressly that sex before marriage was a disgrace to the institute and to the relationship.

“Laura.” Mikel didn’t move from behind Laurence but did undo the ball gag that was in Laurence’s mouth. “Stop, we can explain.”

“Explain what?” she demanded. “There is nothing that you could possibly say to me right now that would make me forget this.” She motioned from man to man. “Go fuck yourself, you self-righteous prick.” Her voice rose with every word, but at this point she didn’t care who heard her. “Consider this my fucking resignation!” she screamed as she spun around and marched out, leaving the door wide open and not giving two fucks who saw the men in the position that they were in.

Laura stopped at her desk and grabbed her things, tossing the framed photos of both Laurence and Mikel into the trash as she walked away. “Freaking asshole motherfuckers.” She stalked toward the lifts, trying to ignore the looks she was getting from the men and women in the office.

She paused at the lifts, turned on her heels, walked back to Mikel’s office, and told both men, “I’m keeping the fucking cruise and all the presents and cash. I hate you both.” And she did. At that moment, she hated both men more than she could ever explain.

She then stomped off back to the lifts, her head held high. A few people were giving her a thumbs-up or clapping, oddly enough. Laura ignored all of it, pushing everything but the immediate need to get the hell out of there to the back of her mind.


Two months later


“She doesn’t forget anything,” Laurence told Mikel as they lay in bed. “She might have dropped those files but I’m telling you she will remember them and when she does, our asses will be in a sling, and not in a good way either.”

“Then we’ll make sure she meets the same sort of accident that your parents did. Are you going to be okay with that, my little lubevimal?”

The word roughly translated to my soul. Laurence smiled. “Yes. You are all I need in my life. We have power together. We have a shitload of money and we have prestige. I don’t need a fucking little bitch hanging around. She’s been hanging on my coattails all our lives. It’s time to cut her out.”

“I’m glad you feel the same way,” Mikel said, stroking his hands through Laurence’s hair. “Because I’ve already arranged for an accident to happen to her. She won’t be coming back from that cruise. And you’ll have her portion of the estate. Life will be good.”

“Life will be excellent,” Laurence said with a smile. “Just make sure that when we are notified, you have your face in place. That you can feign enough sadness to make it convincing.”

Mikel looked affronted. “Of course. I’m a master at getting people to do what I want them to.”

“You haven’t ever used that against me, have you?” Laurence asked.

“No, of course not. You would see through it all the same.”

Laurence nodded after a moment, then settled back against the silk sheets. “True. I do seem to be able to see through all of your pretenses, my darling.”